Helping you maintain a healthy mouth

Did you know that the two major causes of tooth loss – decay and gum disease – are preventable as well as treatable?

Our aim is to give you all the support, advice, encouragement and treatment you need to keep your teeth healthy as long as possible. And that can mean for life.

Your Personal Oral-Hygiene Programme

At your regular check-up we’ll assess your oral health, clean and scale your teeth, and show you the best way to keep your mouth and teeth plaque-free.
Ask us about:

  • Diet: How what you eat affects your dental health
  • Brushing effectively: The best way to brush your teeth for maximum cleaning
  • Flossing and interdental brushing: Vital for cleaning between your teeth, round bridgework and crowns

Children’s Visits

Greenwood Dental Practice is very child-friendly! Bring your young children when you come for your check-ups – it’s a great introduction to regular dental care. And we strongly believe that if you start good oral hygiene habits young, you’ll keep them for life.

Fissure Sealants

Sealing the chewing surfaces of your children’s teeth with a hard, permanent resin protects them from decay and the need for fillings. Safe, effective and painless to apply, fissure sealants can be applied as soon as possible after teeth erupt.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

More teeth are lost in the UK through gum disease than through decay. The best way to stop this happening to your teeth is to keep them completely clean. We’ll help you keep your gums healthy with regular check-ups, scaling and polishing. Further treatments with antibiotic pastes and gels, and antiseptic chips are available if needed.

Teeth Protectors
  • Custom-fitted mouthguards for sports
  • Bite guards to protect against grinding teeth at night

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

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